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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

Using shop and ordering any product from this website means that you accept all following terms  and conditions:

Buying products from website is based on International rules and regulations and based on all E-commerce laws. online shop is a Reference for providing digital media to costumers  that is provided by its own experts. All the  prices will be determined by manufacturers.

With the goal of providing better service to customers we will warranty to be always updated in our content and information.

We have not any responsibility about any malfunction that is out of our control (Internet failure, telecommunication issues or hardware malfunction etc.)

We have not any responsibility of contents and information  of any links and advertisements in our website.

Our services are presented “exactly as is said” and website doesn’t have any responsibility about delays or website malfunction that may cause of natural factors, manpower, internet problems, computer equipment failures , telecommunication issues, etc.

We always respect your privacy and will not share any personal information to other website or individual. We will warranty to secure your privacy with the most updated technologies.

Costumers shouldn’t have any other purpose except buying our products and should undertake to do it.

Services and content are solely for your non-commercial and  personal using. Any abuse of this information will prosecuted and any real person , legal or website shouldn’t use our information on other websites for sale, reproductions or  generate traffic to other website. If you wish to use the services and contents of this site for commercial purposes, it is necessary to let us know before use. To do this please contact us .

When ordering products, users should complete the order form with the correct information and should fill the order form correctly. Obviously, with incomplete form or incorrect information, we can’t track the order and we can’t  deliver it.

Intellectual property of contents, and Copyright law belongs to website.  All Rights Reserved © – 2014

Contacting users :

The only officially approved way of communicate with you is .We only contact to users by sending mail to official and approved addresses and there is no way around it. There isn’t any other address except We haven’t any ID in web chat services (e.g. Yahoo Messenger).

If you wish to contact us please only use our contact forms.

Sales & deliveries :

Location and time of product delivery is intercalated by user in the ordering form and is undertakes to send the product to users Email, with compliance of certain policies.

This website hasn’t any products to sell physical and all products are provided digitally , and  provided via download. If you can’t download your order, may receive additional cost to sending product again. But our policy is supporting costumers and until now we haven’t receive additional cost for sending products again.

If for any reasons beyond our option , the product can’t be delivered in the due date (Our products are provided immediately after you finish your order, but due to some internet issues it may last up to 24 hours.) and both parties haven’t agreement another date, user can revoke agreement without paying any money.

The value of the ordered products calculated according to the price list in our website and includes all taxes and duties. If value added tax is not mentioned in any product, it is equal to zero.

Costumers should watch trailers to be satisfied and accept the product safety and counts.

We guaranty our products for one year and due to this guaranty you can send us your comments and problems in the ordering form. So our operators will give you appropriate answer to your questions between 24 to 72 hours.