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Auto Advanced N-Body Rig for 3DS MAX

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June 10, 2016


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Auto Advanced N-Body Rig for 3DS MAX

Auto Advanced Rig is an amazing script for rigging any characters automatically.Just one click…Your character is ready to animate.Provided by noorvfx.

Usable for any version of 3DS MAX.




Create Advanced Rig with One Click |

Good Performance |

Scalable From Global Control |

IK/FK Arm and Leg |

Ramp IK /FK & Snap |

Stretchy Arm Leg Torso & Neck in FK & IK |

Squashy Arm Leg Torso & Neck with Control Volumes |

Fully volume Control |





Click on the picture to enlarge

Click on the picture to enlarge


Unlimited Twisting:

Unlimited Twist for Arm Leg Neck & torso |

Twist in IK and FK for Arm & Leg |


Bendy Arm Leg & Torso |

Fully functional reverse foot |

Advanced Finger Control With Stretchy |

Pose Manager for Arms Leg Fingers & Torso and Body |

Copy Paste capability Side to Side (Mirroring) for arm leg & Fingers |

Save & Load Animation for Each Part and Body |


Note : You can buy 2 products [ Auto Advanced N-Body vs N-Facial Rig for 3DS MAX ] at the same time .to buy 2 products with discount together ,Click the Purchase green button at below :





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